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Tarrant County Sample Ballot Available

Hey there, Scot Bowman for Mansfield City Council Place 2 here. I am working at my house today, working remotely, getting a lot of things done for work. I just took a quick lunch break and noticed the sample ballot is available now for Tarrant County. I'll post a link below for you to get your ballot based on your address for your precinct. I'll also post my PDF if you want a glance to see who-is-in-what race.

A few highlights: 1. There are 36 races on my ballot this election. We have a BUNCH of races to vote on. 2. My race is the absolute LAST race. 36th of 36. You have to #GetToTheBottomForBowman to vote in my race this election. 3. Not only the last race, but I'm the last name mentioned on the entire ballot. #GetToTheBottomForBowman 4. There is no "straight party" voting. Party designations are indicated by each name where applicable. City Council is non-partisan, so no designation next to my name. 5. Early voting has been extended from two weeks to THREE weeks starting Oct 13th.

Download PDF • 705KB

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