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Meet Me Monday: ~30 Years Of Experience As An Information Technology Professional

My extensive IT background has shaped me into the leader I am today. The lessons I've learned from project management, development, and support within the IT umbrella translate well to my vision of serving in Place 2 on the Mansfield City Council. My IT background is unique among the candidates and will benefit the council.

Project management is a key portion of my career. I'm required to create plans, goals, communicate timelines, and ultimately deliver. Serving as a Project Manager on projects I've learned to be transparent, leverage experts in the field, and work as a team for a common goal. There are many moving parts to IR projects, and the same is true for our city.

The hands-on development portion of my job is my favorite. Developing applications allows me to be creative and think outside the box to solve problems. The best way to have a successful application is to listen to the requirements, set expectations, and deliver on those agreed expectations. Adjusting to the client's changing needs makes this part of the job challenging, but it has taught me to listen for ways to improve the overall development process. My problem-solving skills will be used to help the city in positive ways.

Supporting IT projects is very rewarding. Most support scenarios involve someone who is upset and needs immediate help. My experience supporting applications has taught me to be open-minded, listen, and compassionate towards the view of the users. Support resolutions may include alternatives or holistic changes. I'm prepared to support the city in a similar fashion as I have proven within the IT sector.

Please feel free to comment or reach out if you want to know more about my job, employer, professional experience, or just want to talk shop. I enjoy geeking out with other people who love technology.

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