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July is National Parks and Recreation Month

*** Whoa Nellie ***

*** It's windy out there today!!! ***

Hey Everybody, Scot Bowman for Mansfield City Council Place 2 here.

It's the first of July and I'm out here at Chandler Park. The first of July brings up a lot of different ideas in different people. Some may think that Independence Day is right around the corner. Others may have their summer plans in full swing. Others may be looking at it as we are halfway to Christmas.

But for me, the First of July is the beginning of Parks and Recreation Month. Since 1985 we've been celebrating nationally parks and recreation departments in the middle of the summer. Now, I haven't been celebrating *that* long, but for the last couple of years, I've posted social media pictures and videos to celebrate and highlight our Parks and Rec department here in Mansfield, TX.

Even though this is 2020, and a lot of things aren't going as we planned, I AM expecting to continue this year as well. So look forward to my posts the next 31 days about great things we have going on in our city. As I said, some things have not gone as planned. Some videos I may wear a mask, some pictures may be outside of buildings. But I will be highlighting neat things that you can do and experiences you can have with your family using the Parks and

Rec equipment, playgrounds, and trails. Hope you are having a great day, and we'll see ya soon!

July is National Parks & Recreation Month! I've challenged myself to do something Mansfield Texas Parks & Recreation - Government related every day in July.

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